We wish to thank everyone who helped us along the way! 
Special thanks to; Meghan Hildebrand for use of her studio; Gregoire Dupond for his arduino guidance and work on the telephone, Donna Lyttle for her mentorship and advice.  

Let's Talk Trash is an initiative of the qathet Regional District Waste Management Education Program, designed and lead by Abby McLennan, Tai Uhlmann and Ingalisa Burns and previously Coco Hess. Karen Skadshiem is an early supporter of the initiative and an occasional guest host on their radio show.  Zoe met the group in their fist days to train them on how to host a radio show. This team and their show have been inspirational to this art piece and we were happy to recycle their audio into our soundscape. 
let's talk trash dot C A. what is waste?

Our mission is: To develop and implement an innovative education program on waste reduction strategies to help guide our community toward Zero Waste.​​​​​​​

taxumajehjeh fosters courageous conversations based on agreements by Glenn E Singleton. We believe that at this time in society conversation around death requires courage and we offer you these guides:
1. Expect and Accept Discomfort
2. Expect and Accept Non-Closure
3. Stay Engaged
4. Speak Your Truth
taxumajehjeh dot C A. email taxumajehjeh at gmail dot com

 Hosting cross cultural workshops and community events we foster opportunities for people to engage with each other in new ways.

The installation will be in the entry to The Art Centre until the end of November.
The Powell River Public Art Gallery is located in the Crossroads Village Plaza, home of the Powell River Public Library.  
Thanks for the grant and support from the local Arts Council!
Don't Mention It thank yous because we couldn't have done it otherwise:
Julia Adam, Bill, Meg and Sean Armstrong, Joel Benson, Mar Benson, R&N.L. Benson, Andrea Layne Black, Cindy Demeester, Cynthia Haan, Uli, Michael & Natalie, Meisha Hiltz, T&T Ludski, Frankie Lutz, Cory Matsumoto, Koosen Pielle, The Westview Pharmacy Pharmacists (Now Rexall),
Mental Health and Addictions Services Powell River Hospital and everyone in DBT. 
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