Death Becomes Us
A Transmedia Art Installation about Life Cycles
It's a huge part of Life,
let's talk about it.
P J Kelly & Zoë Ludski
Open October 10th, World Mental Health Day through November at The Art Centre, Powell River​​​​​​​
Crossroads Plaza, 6975 Alberni Street, Powell River, British Columbia
Sketches by PJ Kelly
incomplete collage mural
even more incomplete incomplete collage mural
what about this?!
Ludski surrounded by blister packs previously containing her own medication
an attempt at a poster (not used)
stages of Mo(u)rning
early clock radio
further mo(u)rnings
Greg working on the phone sodoku
clock radio in progress
what will go here?
a possible door?
A pinwheel of emotions
From inside and on the floor looking at the ceiling and unfinished walls
Andrea Layne Black, Writer, Friend, #NotKreskin
Visits with O'Malley in Megzys studio
ALB tries out the phone
Puzzling through the connections
which wire goes where?
phone inards w brain meds and magic eight ball
Greg - The phone Works! Coding Success!
Moving in to The Arts Centre
Ludski at the studio entrance of The Arts Centre
Ludski with the key at the open door to the studio
The walls. Will they come tumbling down?
What about this?
All the collages waiting for their final stage
The collages and the roof
Therapy shirt sales support the production of Death Becomes Us
 $25 based on the original paintings by PJ Kelly 
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both t-shirts against a wall of blister packs
You're Not Me - sacrificing everything for someone can lead to codependance and resentment. Unless you're a saint don't do it.
I'm Not Kreskin: I am not a mindreader. I don't know what you are thinking nor do you know what I am thinking. Check the Facts.
Info on Death Becomes Us:
Hot model in Kreskin Shirt
Another hot model in You're Not Me
For Sale! 25$ t-shirts from original paintings by PJ Kelly
The Original Painting: You're Not Me
The original I'm Not Kreskim
Artists in the Wild
study: Is It Effective?
Palm lines
Silver Tabby
Decision Making for the Depressed
Artists in the Wild part 2
Months of Survival
Multi Material Non Recyclable
This Much
4 years of Blister Packs
Outlining The Booth
Meghan Hildebrand Loans us her studio to work in!
I Accept
Thanks Powell River Arts Council!
Megs studio transformed into recycling depot
When is Art and when is it just hanging around?
Experimenting on the booth
Back in Megzys studio! Construction on the booth begins
a box of sketches and some t-shirt lables #ImNotKreskin #YoureNotMe
PJ Kelly uses a hair dryer in her creative process
In process with PJ Kelly
Stubbornly Persistent Illusion, re: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
Sketches and medications
Palliative Care at Home Binder from Victoria Hospice
beginnings of the collage
PJ Kelly and Zoe Ludski neither of whom are Kreskin
Did you have one of these clock radios with the numbers that flipped over?
PJ's studio in the Morning