We created this transmedia installation to open up courageous conversations about Life that include Death as a natural part of the cycle. 
Initially this was about Depression and End of Life Choices. Both of us live with Mental Health illness and thought a lot about death. A month into the project, PJ's mum broke her spine, received a terminal diagnosis and began the procedure for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). 
The process of creating this under these circumstances has been amazing and enlightening. We thank our counsellors, psychiatrists, family members and friends for their support with this project.
The Blister Packs inside the shelter have been collected over five years by the Zoë Ludski. She has been living with the disease of Depression as long as she can remember. Her diagnosis came in 1998, followed by various medications, therapies over the years. Like many people, she struggled with taking her medication regularly and resisted the blister packs because they are non-recyclable. 
After a particularly bad episode of forgetting medications, she consented to try the packs and was amazed at the difference. There are many problems with Blister Packs. There are many problems with Pharmaceutical Medication. I do not recommend Blister Packs or Medication. I encourage you to consider the complex situation humanity finds itself in. Are we living or dying when our life saving actions have long term consequences. 
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